Oxford Fuel Polishing Services

Here at Oxford Fuel Polishing Services we pride ourselves on great customer service and value for money. We aim to give you the best service possible, giving you full peace of mind knowing that you have left your pride and joy with a knowledgeable and meticulous team, who will clean your fuel and tank to a high standard, resulting in problem free running.

You don't want fuel like the sample below ruining your boat's engine or heating system!

  • A Problem with Fuel Contamination?
    It's Time to be Worried.

    Fuel contamination is not an unusual, isolated event, and it should not be ignored. This problem can lead to a variety of other problems, such as:

    - Blocked fuel filters

    - Fuel pumps getting damaged

    - Engine starting problems

    - Intermitant engine running problems

    - Smooth running becoming a thing of the past

    - Increased fuel usage

    - Exhaust emissions

    - And, potentially, engine failure.

  • Contaminated fuel like this will ruin your day!  
  • Experienced staff.

    Don't take the risk of having dirty fuel ruin your day and your engine. Professional help is at hand. We are experts in fuel polishing and can solve your problems.

  • Contact us now!

    We can come to a marina or yard where your vessel is moored and work on site to carry out the fuel polishing to a high standard. And if absolutely necessary, faulty parts can be removed to be repaired in our workshop, or we can fit new parts where required, such as fuel filters.