Oxford Fuel Polishing Services

Symptoms of Fuel Contamination

There are several signs that your fuel could be contaminated and in need of fuel polishing.

  • Good, clean fuel should be clear, not cloudy or dark in colour, and free of solid particles floating around. If it's not, it's contaminated
  • If equipment performance is decreasing steadily over time, you should inspect fuel samples for contaminants.
  • If left to settle, does a fuel sample show two layers of liquid?
  • Does the engine have trouble maintaining a steady speed, or not accelerating the way it used to?
  • Does the engine have trouble starting?
  • Do you hear the rpm changing when idling - i.e. spluttering away to itself?
  • Is the exhaust emmiting coloured smoke? Black suggests a diesel bug investation, white suggests water contamination.
  • If you inspect your fuel filter and it is dirty brown, perhaps coated in a brownish slimy sludge, you definately have contaminated fuel.
  • If you find you are frequently cleaning or even replacing the fuel injectors, it could be due to damaged caused by dirty fuel.
  • The fuel economy is reducing, and you are topping up more often than you usually have to do.
  • The fuel has an unpleasant, acidic smell.
  • Corrosion of the fuel system

If you are suffering from any of the above, your fuel may be contaminated. If you find you are suffering from two or more of the above, it is clearly time to contact Oxford Fuel Polishing Services. We can solve your problems. Avoid costly repairs and call us now!