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Image Acknowldgements.

We thank the talented photographers listed below at Morguefile.com who made their work freely availble for use on this website, and PSDgraphics.com for the abstract header and footer images.

  • Volvo Penta engine in situ - kconnors
  • Hand reaching into engine - GaborfromHungary
  • Boat fuel system close-up- Kenn W. Kiser
  • Partially sunk boat - quicksandala

Thanks to MrCarter188 for the Diesel_Contamination image on the home page, and markchamilton for the Diesel_Bug image on the fuel contanimants page, both of whom placed their images on Wikipedia.

All other images are copyright Simon Bishop of Oxford Marine Services.

If we've used an image you took and forgot to acknowledge it, please contact sky-web.net, who will add you to the list.